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BOOKCASE: Preparing for Take-off

By Brenda Ward

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• Bruce Russell
• Wired Internet Group
• Free on request

Either this is a very clever marketing ploy or it’s the best free book I’ve ever read.
Starting a car is as easy as turning the key and hearing the motor start. Using a website should be the same, argues ‘user experience’ consultant Bruce Russell.
This guide to getting a return on your online investment is a smart little hardcover book that explains so many things you wondered about.
Like: Why should your IT department set up your website? “Managing information online is not actually about computers, it’s about communicating clearly, purposefully and effectively.”
Like: Why maintain two different sets of business information – one for customers and one for staff (your intranet)?
Like: Why is TradeMe so easy to use and other websites so hard? It’s because TradeMe has an unbeatable user experience.
If you’re about to set up or relaunch a website, this is a book you need to read.

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